SWISS::Stars represents the ** lines within an SWISS-PROT + TrEMBL entry. These are the lines with the line tag ** which are normally not publicly visible.

SWISS::Stars is a master object like SWISS::Entry. It contains subobjects which represent the different line types in the ** section. Each line type has a two letter tag in addition to the ** line tag. This module has been written to allow easy addition of new ** line types. To use a new ** line tag, just use the tag as an object dereference. Example:

 $entry->Stars->XX->add("New XX tag line.","Second new XX tag line.");

If there is no class SWISS::Stars::XX, the class of the new object will be SWISS::Stars::default, which handles lines with the corresponding tag as an array of lines. If more specific handling is required, a new class SWISS::Stars::XX can be created following the template of SWISS::Stars::default. An example is SWISS::Stars::aa.

Subclass names and new line tags have to be two-letter-tags. No checks are made wheter the dereferenced tag is allowed.

Access to the (old) unstructured ANNOTATOR'S SECTION is provided by the line tag 'aa'.

 $entry->Stars->aa->add("Testline 1.","Second new test line.");

will add these two lines to the ANNOTATOR'S SECTION.

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